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Discover How Twitter Is Fighting The Recession

There are not many businesses, (or indeed individuals), currently trading that do not have some sort of presence on Twitter. It is not hard to understand why; Twitter is fast becoming the social networking platform of choice for all of us. If, by chance, you aren’t familiar with Twitter, you can easily locate a quick [...]

How to use Twitter Effectively

Top Twitter Dos and Don’ts At the moment it seems that you can't escape stories about Twitter.  With all the hype and celebrity endorsements, lots of people are asking “how do I use Twitter?”.    There are plenty of sites out there that will tell you how to use Twitter, but not so many to [...]

5 Important Blog Plugins That You Need To Use

Plugins for the WordPress platform are tons of fun and incredibly useful. You will find everything you need to turn your idea into a great blog. While there are many great plugins, the five that follow are ones that rise to the top. Akismet This plugin actually comes standard with your WordPress installation. You need [...]

3 Ways To SEO Optimize Your Blog

If you’re a blogger, chances are you’re not getting the all important search engine traffic you could. Don’t worry, most other bloggers don’t either because they don’t understand how search engines work and how important it is for their blogs to rank high for their chosen keywords. This is one of the many reasons bloggers [...]

Make Money Blogging with Dynamic Web Content that keeps People Happy

Anyone who is planning to make money blogging and preparing to launch their new blog should always keep in mind that it is very important to keep the design simple, which helps the site visitors to focus on the site. These days, most website visitors are most interested in being able to quickly and easily [...]

The Importance of Blog Design

Blogs have increased in popularity over the past months. Many people have started to create their personal blogs to express their thoughts and feelings. Internet companies have also started their blogs to inform consumers on the latest product news and reviews. Because of this, blogs are also being used as internet marketing media. Before, internet [...]